Buena Vista, Newark, Licking County

80 feet, bowl

Driving Directions-Exit I-70 onto northbound Buena Vista Street.  Drive north until the slope opens up on your left.  Park at the north end on a public parking lot.

Wind Directions-West to South-Southwest.

Landing Zone-pretty decent, but with a strong rotor near the lip of the slope.  If necessary, go high and fly east across Buena Vista Street and land in the farm field.

Hazards-metal guardrail at the lip of the slope

Access-public park land.  Be considerate.

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Buck Creek State Park, CJ Brown Lake, Clark County – Slope Flying Site

Buck Creek State Park,  CJ Brown Lake, Clark County

This slope flying site is a 75 foot grassy dam face in a State Park.

(note from the editor: Dam faces often work great for DS give this one a go in East wings and let us know how it goes!)

Driving Directions – From I-70 exit onto US Route 40 just east of Springfield. Go about two miles west on Rt. 40, and then turn north on Bird Road. Follow Bird Road into Buck Creek State Park, drive along the south side of the lake, and then follow the signs  around to the park headquarters

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Slope Flying Site Near Toledo – Maumee Bay State Park

This hill, in Maumee Bay State Park, was made from dirt piled out of the ponds made nearby. It rises 70 ft in the air. It is just 150 feet from Lake Erie, wind coming from the north is undisturbed as it comes across and produces some good lift. I have been sloping here, along with some others, for over a year now, and many have before me.

The best lift and sometimes the only spot you can find lift in light winds is produced from wind coming from the east, blowing up the steepest side. Then the greatest lift comes from wind blowing from the south, then the north, then the east. Although there are woods directly southwest of the hill, small lift is still produced with wind coming from that direction.
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Cleveland Area Ohio Slope Flying Sites


Reprinted with permission form Have Sailplane, Will Travel

Outstanding flying can be found on the southern shores of our Great Lake Erie, near the metropolis of Cleveland, Ohio, at the northern border of our country.


Much maligned and the brunt of many jokes in the mid 70’s, Cleveland has experienced a true renaissance period. With mass exodus of people to the suburbs in the 70’s, the city realized to keep the population, many changes needed to be made. Effort was put into rebuilding much of the infrastructure as well as revitalization of much of the abandoned or under utilized industrial sectors. Achievements such as renewal of the Flats entertainment district, birth of the Gateway Project with Gund Arena and Jacobs Field, homes of the Cavs and Indians pro sports teams, opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Great Lakes Science Center and the new Cleveland Browns Stadium as well as strong support for the many established cultural and civic organizations such as the Cleveland Orchestra and Playhouse Square illustrate our success in creating a truly “world class” city. Enough, you say?

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Ohio Sloping – Columbus Area – Alum Creek Dam

Update from Tom Nagel!

The US Army Corps of Engineers has re-instituted its no slope flying rule at Alum Creek Dam.

Apparently the original no-fly rule was never rescinded, just not enforced, and the Westerville Model Aviation Club, whose field is at the base of the dam, had worked out a system to coordinate both sloping and flat field power flying.

Some non-flying officious intermeddler (that is an official legal term) raised the issue, and now the Westerville Club has voted to not allow any slope flying rather than risk losing their field.

Please remove my original posting from the slope flyer web site, and replace it with this information.  Don and I will keep you posted if things change again.

Cincinnati Area Sloping – Brookville Dam

Brookville Dam, IN

Brookville Dam in Indiana has been described by some as “the best inland slope in our part of the country”. It is located 2.5 hours from Louisville in Brookville, IN and about 1 hour from Cincinnati, OH. Brookville Lake is located in Franklin and Union Counties on the East Fork of the Whitewater River. The dam is about 1.5 miles above Brookville, Indiana, and 36 miles northwest of Cincinnati.

South winds work best here although there has been some noise made about DS potential in North winds. Several 4 hour, as well as at least one 8 hour, LSF flights have taken place at this site.

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