Finding a Local Hobby Shop That Supports Soaring

When my favorite independent hobby shop closed a couple of years back it was quite a blow. I’d been going to Greenfield News and Hobby (and it’s previous incarnation Cudahy┬áNews and Hobby) for 40+ years and really tried to make most of my hobby related purchases there. Unlike a lot of other shops I’ve tried over the years the staff at Greenfield was always willing to do what they could to get in unusual products to support my very niche hobby needs. I thought to myself, now what? Not having an real affinity for any other local hobby shops do I just take all my business to shops online? Doesn’t seem like the way to totally go. I often like being able to see things in person before I buy. So, I had to find another hobby shop. After poking around a bit I settled on Hobby Town in Germantown, WI. Yes, it is a franchise. Yes, they do carry a lot of stuff I could get online from Horizon Hobby but what sealed the deal for me is that the owner/manager Ryan is not only knowledgeable, and has some familiarity with slope soaring, but is a nice dude too!

I’ve been to a bunch of independent hobby shops during my travels around the United States and always appreciate a good one. I am going to try to report on the shops that stand out and have, at least, heard of slope soaring!

So, if you have a local hobby shop that understands R/C and, even better, soaring, by all means give them your business! If you have a shop that is particularly interested in slope soaring, leave a comment below so that other slope pilots can visit when they are in your local area or, better yet, pen an article and I’ll be sure to get it published.

Side Note: Interestingly, at least to me, is that my other main hobby, cycling, has a connection to the old store in Cudahy because the son of fellow stick twiddler, Russ Whitford, now owns a bike store in that location. Weird world sometimes! Chow!

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