Flying at the Big M 06/10/01

Platteville, WI – 06/10/01 Greg & Mirko

The forcasted 15-30 mph winds at the Big M in Platteville did not disapoint today. When we arrived at 10 AM the wind was out of the Southwest about 15 MPH.

I got out the Prodij and started flying while Mirko got one of his 2 Saggitas ready. I hadn’t flown this plane since the Midwest Slope Challange in mid-May and was anxious to get it in the air. A quick toss and the Prodij was climbing out well. The lift was already very good. I was practicing pylon racing starts and turns for awhile and then worked a few aerobatics.
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Slope Fun With No Wind!

Greg letting the Mini Acacia rip.

A bungee and a pedal launcher are great fun especially when the slope lift leaves a bit to be desired.

My bungee, from Hollyday Designs, (sadly, like so many r/c cottage industries, Hollyday is no longer in business, however there are a couple of other sources and the fun can still be had) is 25 feet of big ol’ black rubber tubing with eyelets installed in each end. I usually pull about double the length of the bungee for really big launches. I’d say I get about 250 feet off a launch although vertical rolls and other schenanigans usually make that somewhat less.

Put the launch hook well forward of the CG and let ‘er rip. With the bungee pulling, the plane tracks straight, just be ready to pull up when the bungee lets go and watch the plane climb like a rocket.

Rich at Hollyday was very helpful and even reinstalled one of the eyelets N/C when I nicked the rubber where one of the bungee grips (the part that has the eyelet on it) is installed on the tubing.

Indiana Sloping at Brookville Dam

Brookville Dam, IN

Brookville Dam in Indiana has been described by some as “the best inland slope in our part of the country”. It is located 2.5 hours from Louisville in Brookville, IN and about 1 hour from Cincinnati, OH. Brookville Lake is located in Franklin and Union Counties on the East Fork of the Whitewater River. The dam is about 1.5 miles above Brookville, Indiana, and 36 miles northwest of Cincinnati.

South winds work best here although there has been some noise made about DS potential in North winds. Several 4 hour, as well as at least one 8 hour, LSF flights have taken place at this site.
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Prodij at the 2001 Midwest Slope Challenge

I used this plane for the Unlimited Class at the Midwest Slope Challenge and was very impressed with how fast it was in the light conditions. Several people commented on how quickly it accelerated when the nose was pushed down. In fact the acceleration helped me win one of the heats as we both dove for the finish line.

The durability of the plane was also tested in a race where the wind had come up allowing some good height to be gained before the start and as my competition and I dove for the starting line, holding until the last possible second to pull through the line, when I was about 2 feet off the deck, he bounced off the top of my Prodij slamming me into the ground. I am not sure how fast we were going, but it was fast for sure. Several people thought the plane must have been destroyed. As it turns out just a small hole was punched in the nose cone.

Vern Hunt High Anxiety – specs

Posted by Russ Whitford on Jul 1, 2001

Russ and the High Anxiety

Airfoil: RG15 mod
Span: 88.0
Area: 660 sq/in
Surface loading: 15oz/ft2
Weight: 60oz
Control: Flaperon, and Elevator
Radio: 1400 pack.

This plane came from Vern hunt and started life as a high performance electric. Russ is converting it to a slope plane.

Maiden voyage was at Big Bay today. Went off with out a hitch, I can’t wait to see it on a bigger hill


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