JR 9303 Sailplane Article by Sherman Knight

Sherman Knight of Team JR has another great guide for sailplane set up and JR radio control. This time for the 9303. If you have read his 347 or 8103 guides, you’ll know this is a must!
I’ve used Sherman Knight’s JR 8103 set up guide for several years now, and the 347 guide before that, and it has taught me a consistent approach that really makes programming my 6-servo saiplanes a piece of cake. For me it is nice to have a systematic approach because I am prone to trying just to get the plane in the air and worry about setting up later.

When I got my JR 9303 last year I tried to use it just like my 8103s. Not quite. I got a preliminary set of Sherman’s instructions from a friend last year and, just like the 347 and 8103 guides before it this one is excellent. His recent article about how to program the JR 9303 is more of the same, indespensible if you want to¬† get the most from your 9303 radio and your sailplane.

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