Brian McLean Extreme

The McLean Extreme

Brian McLean used to make this ship for F3F, DS and any other high-performance slope soaring. I still have 2 and no, they are not for sale or ever will be! It is simply my all time favorite slope plane.

Specs Airfoil: Joe Wurts designed DS 19
Span: 78.5
Area: 500 sq in
Surface loading: 12.5 oz/ft2
Weight: 43oz
Control: Aileron, Flaps, Rudder and Elevator
Radio: Hitec Super Slim, 4 HS-85MGs in the wing and HS-85s in the fuse. 5 cell 600ae pack
Ballast: 1 – 16 oz piece of steel  made to slide in the tube provided.

Brian Mclean made this ship for F3F, DS and any high-performance sloping.

The fuse has a slip-on nose cone over a carbon servo tray insert, a removable carbon ballast tube, and a unique mid-tail fixed horizontal stabilizer with elevators. The linkage in the tail allows up-elevator with a servo pull, key for heavy DS elevator loading. The fuse is heavily reinforced glass, with thick Kevlar in the wing root section, with Kevlar and carbon extending from the wing root trailing edge to the tail in the boom.

The Rob Crockett view of my Extreme

Wings are carbon over  high density foam with a ply reinforcement of the leading edge and a heavy ply root and sub-rib. The DS19 airfoil and wing planform was custom designed for Brian by Joe Wurts for F3F and DS.

The kit comes with both carbon and steel joiners. Ailerons and flaps are silicone-hinged with internal balsa wipers, and the molded rudder has an internal wiper.

The Extreme fuse is carbon-fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar. It has a slip on nose cone and a strong carbin-fiber area for the battery, receiver and fuse servos.

Extreme nose

The elevator is mid-T. The horizontal stab is fixed in the front and the elevators are actuated by a linkage that allows the servo to pull for up elevator.

Linkage showing down elevator

Linkage showing up elevator

All the pretty parts that came in the box

Slope Flying at Coronado Heights 5/20/01

On my home from the Midwest Slope Challenge I stopped at Coronado Hights, near Salina, Kansas with Pat and Randy McCleave.

A view from the top. The lift was good, with 15 mph or better winds and thermals coming through every few minutes.

Uh, guys the rain will be here in about 2 minutes. OK just another minute then.

Pat’s warbird makes a pass.

Mike’s Foam-1 banking hard.

Some of the hazards of this site.

The castle in the distance. The LZ on this day is between the guys and the castle.

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