SH-50 2001 update

2001 update – The SH-50 has been my go to plane for most of the year. In 2001 I had several hundred flights on it and it keeps coming back for more. The ability to fly in realitvely light air and the durability of the plane mean I use it as a test dummy at every new slope and the small size makes it easy to take it along on family trips. Mirko hasn’t talked me in to buying a van yet so when the family travels it is nice to have a small plane to tote along.

I have flown the SH-50 in winds from 7 to over 40 and it handles the varying conditions well. I have provisions for 14 ounces of ballast that almost doubles the wing loading.

SH-50 Compact Sloper

SH-50 number 1

The SH-50 is a 50″ sloper designed to be light, fast and strong. Our slopes are mostly small and under 150 feet high. It is really nice to have a plane that is super manuverable and doesn’t need a whole lot of sky to have fun.

Airfoil: 7012 mod or 6063 mod
Span: 50.0
Area: 300 sq/in
Surface loading: 7oz/ft2
Weight: 16oz
Control: Aileron and Elevator
Radio: Hitec 555, CS-25s all around. 300mah pack.

4oz and 6oz lead ballast made to bolt in the fuse under the wing.

Designed and built by Greg Smith and Russ Whitford.


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