The Big M Platteville, WI 09-03-07

I stopped at The Big M in Platteville, WI today on the way home from the LEG Slopefest in Kansas for a little more slope flying. Can’t get enough! No one else there. Pretty decent conditions in the air. Not so great on the road that leads to the top. It was pretty sketchy. There is a large rill at the last turn before the top that requires a slow crossing and then you are mired in soft gravel. I made it through in the slopeflyer Chrysler T&C but realize that I drive this van where 95% of 4-wheelers wouldn’t so I’d suggest 4WD for now.

There is a new concrete bench really close to the LZ that makes landing a bit tricky so I flew my Predator Bee to test the lift and to try some different approaches for landing. I tried a new approach to the left of the stairs and it worked pretty well.

This shot is from the top of the stairs. The new bench is on the left and permanent!
That is the old bench on the right.

After the Bee I got my newly tuned Skip Miller Slope (Mach Dart) out and ripped up the place. I’d already moved the CG WAY back from the original Mach Dart instructions and it was sitting about the middle of the rear bolt. After removing another 1/4 ounce in Kansas I think it is pretty near perfect. It did roll off on a tip when I got it really slow but this thing is supposed to be going fast so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The wind when i flew the Slope was 12MPH-15MPH and big thermals. There was pretty much lift everywhere and huge loops, screaming dives and multiple roll passes were a blast. I worked in some Cuban 8s, basic Split Ss and a fairly respectable snap roll. It is great having an excellent slope, good conditions and a sweet plane and not have to worry about anyone else in the air but, at the same time, flying with other guys is really what sloping is all about to me so after about an hour I packed up and finished my trip back to Milwaukee.

More bench pix.

From the deck

From the parking area
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