I Stopped at Don’s Hobby Shop in Salina

I was at Wilson Lake for a few days and we headed over to Coronado Heights because the wind direction was better. While going through Salina we stopped at Don’s Hobby Shop. Nice place, super prices on JR gear and Don was a nice guy. Gliders are not really their thing but as far as hobby shops go it has all you might need if you run in to a repair situation and you are in the area.

Don’s Hobby Shop
1819 S. Broadway
Salina, KS 67401

Phone: 913-827-3222

Slope Flying at Coronado Heights 5/20/01

On my home from the Midwest Slope Challenge I stopped at Coronado Hights, near Salina, Kansas with Pat and Randy McCleave.

A view from the top. The lift was good, with 15 mph or better winds and thermals coming through every few minutes.

Uh, guys the rain will be here in about 2 minutes. OK just another minute then.

Pat’s warbird makes a pass.

Mike’s Foam-1 banking hard.

Some of the hazards of this site.

The castle in the distance. The LZ on this day is between the guys and the castle.

Kansas Slope Soaring at Wilson Lake

These are locations we have had the privilege to fly. Some may have access restrictions.
Check with local flyers for information.

Kansas Slope Flying Sites

Wilson Lake – This is the location of the Midwest Slope Challenge in May.

Race report from Wilson Lake 2001.

Wilson Lake is located at mile 153.9 on the Saline River, in Russell County, in north central Kansas. The damsite is about 45 miles west of Salina and 10 miles north of Wilson, Kansas. Interstate 70 is located approximately 7 miles south of the lake. Direct access to the lake is provided by Kansas 232 which crosses over the dam and connects Interstate 70 and Kansas 18. Access to the lake is also provided by Kansas 181 and numerous county roads on the north and south sides on the lake. The Dorrance Road, which connects with Interstate 70, and South Shore Drive are paved county roads that provide access to the parks on the south side of the lake. Other county roads are well maintained gravel roads.

There are several possible locations to fly depending on wind direction.

Local Pilots

Pat McCleave – Hi, my name is Pat McCleave and I have been sloping KS since the late 70’s. Of course my favorite site is Wilson Reservoir in north central Kansas but there are several others that are still quite Spectacular. Pat is working on a couple of other sites. Contact him for the latest info.

If anyone ever wants to do a Kansas Slope Safari let me know, I am sure we would have a great time.

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