ATOMiK RC Radio Case for Spektrum DXE, DX6 DX7, DX8 Gen 2and DX9 Transmitters

The Atomik radio case for the Spectrum RC transmitters listed in the title is a nice, lightweight unit made from a thermo-formed nylon and now houses my Dx6E transmitter. I was using it as compact storage for my DX9 Black Edition but since that one came with its own aluminum case I’ve given the job of housing the DX6E over to this case.

I’ve actually owned this Atomik case for several months and it is wearing well and is very convenient to use. It has a dual zipper and opens completely up like a clamshell while offering good, padded protection when it is closed. There is also a convenient carrying handle on the back of the case.

I can confirm that this case holds the 1st generation DX6, the DX6E and the DX9 (Black Edition) just fine as I currently own all of these transmitters.

Atomik RC Part#: 2037

I bought mine for $24.99 from

Atomik also makes other radio and drone cases in eluding one that lists Spektrum DX5e, 6i, DX7, DX7s and FrSky Taranis X9D Plus as compatible that you can check out here –

JR Announced a Couple of 2.4ghz Radios Recently.

I’ve been waiting for this announcement from my favorite radio maker for sometime. I know that JR is not always the fastest with new technology but when they do it, they do it right. Looks like they have embraced 2.4GHz DSM2 technology.

First, JR is making the 9303 available as a 2.4GHz unit called, appropriately enough, the JR X9303 2.4.

Even cooler, coming this fall is a new 12 channel DSM2 radio dubbed the 12X. Sounds great for big scale sailplanes and for any guy who needs, or wants, the best. It incorporates the rolling selector system that I love on the 9303.


JR 9303 Sailplane Article by Sherman Knight

Sherman Knight of Team JR has another great guide for sailplane set up and JR radio control. This time for the 9303. If you have read his 347 or 8103 guides, you’ll know this is a must!
I’ve used Sherman Knight’s JR 8103 set up guide for several years now, and the 347 guide before that, and it has taught me a consistent approach that really makes programming my 6-servo saiplanes a piece of cake. For me it is nice to have a systematic approach because I am prone to trying just to get the plane in the air and worry about setting up later.

When I got my JR 9303 last year I tried to use it just like my 8103s. Not quite. I got a preliminary set of Sherman’s instructions from a friend last year and, just like the 347 and 8103 guides before it this one is excellent. His recent article about how to program the JR 9303 is more of the same, indespensible if you want to  get the most from your 9303 radio and your sailplane.

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Hitec Flash 5x Radio Control Transmitter

hitec flash 5


Flash 5 System X

The Flash 5 System X computer radio from Hitec RCD is a great value. It sports  features like a five model memory, digital trims, “AutoSave”, lots of mixes and 3 special flight modes for sport models, sailplanes and electrics. No other radio can touch the Flash 5 SX for quality and value. Available in both a standard version with the HS-422 servos and in a micro package with small HS-81 servos.
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JR X-347 and X-388 radios are still great tools

JR x-347


JR 347

If it weren’t for the 8103 and this models limit of 4 models I would use this radio all the time. It is very capable and the minor limitations can be overcome by creative use of the custom mixes.

The JR 347 radio is a good mid level programmable radio. It is out of production but is readily available on the used market. It can be purchased for as little as $150-200. It is a seven-channel, four model memory system and can operate in either FM or PCM mode. The 347 includes programming for two to six servo sailplanes, dual rates, electronic subtrim, exponential, reversing, and both fixed and programmable mixing. Fixed mixing functions include both CROW and flaps from the throttle stick, V-tail, flaperon, flap to aileron, various trims, and more. It has four programmable mixes for additional control. The only significant limit is a two position flap switch, rather than the preferred three position switch, but this can be overcome by creative programming of other switches. The transmitter is both PCM and FM capable.

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Hitec Eclipse 7 – a capable radio at a great price

Hitec Eclipse 7 radio


Hitec Eclipse 7

Hitec’s top of the line radio is the Eclipse 7 FM. It sports a 7-model memory and 7 channels and is available with a Spectra module. The large LCD screen helps make programming easy as do the four separate programming loops, one for fixed wing, glow, gas or electric planes, a helicopter mode and two sailplane modes! , one for basic and one for advanced sailplanes.

The Eclipse is loaded with features like a variety of preprogrammed mixes plus five programmable mixes (two in Heli mode), digital trims, servo end point adjustments, dual rates, exponential rates, three flight condition settings per model, shift select, sub trims, servo reversing and more.
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JR XP-8103 Radio Control Transmitter

JR XP-8103
JR XP-8103


The 8103 is JR’s successor to the 388. It offers several new features – most importantly a new large size screen for easier programming. A graphical interface makes it quicker to program than its predecessors. The 8103 maintains all of the features you would like to see in a full-house computer radio. It has eight channels, 10 model memory, PCM and FM, and all of the traditional features including sailplane programming and six types of programmable mixing.

There are 2 models of the JR 8103. The main difference is that newer versions have digital trim.

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