Viking Race 2006 is Now Complete

The Viking Race 2006, held this time in Scotland, is now complete. Looks like five rounds of racing, with one discard,  which is not what the competitiors were looking for. A minimum of ten rounds is what they hoped for. Some days of light wind, and a couple of rain, tempered the competition. Still, the results show that the cream always rise to the top.

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In the end some familiar names topped the list:

Individual results:

  1. Andreas Herrig – Germany 1
  2. Martin Herrig – Germany 1
  3. Kevin Newton – England 1
  4. Helge Borcher – Germany 2
  5. John McCurdy – Late comers
  6. Espen Torp – Norway 1
  7. Arild Mollerhaug – Norway 1
  8. John Bennett – England 1
  9. Alexis Marechal – France 2
  10. Kyle Paulson – USA 1

Team competition:

  1. England 1    Kevin Newton – John Bennett – Mark Southall
  2. Germany 1    Andreas Herrig – Martin Herrig – Franz Demmler
  3. Austria 2    Lukas Gaubats – Alexander Kopecny – Arthur Frenslich
  4. Norway 1    Espen Torp – Arild Mollerhaug – Rolf Borge Retttedal
  5. Germany 2    Helge Borchert – Stefan Eder – Christian Fielder

Predator Bat EPP DS Wing

What do you get when you combine an inexpensive EPP plank wing from Windrider called the Bat and the modifications from pilots with experience wringing to most out of this plane? You get the Predator Bat.

I got my Predator Bat from Karl about a couple of months ago but just go to building it this past week. Didn’t take long, probably 6 hours total and I’ll bet I could do the next one in 4 or so.

I’m heading to South Dakota in a couple of weeks and I needed some EPP DS planes to get my groove back before I commit to the glass planes.

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