PBS Series Nature Features Kyle Paulson DSing!

I caught the Raptor Force episode of the PBS series Nature today. It was a very cool show all about various raptors and their influence on aircraft design and studies of flight. One segment had Kyle Paulson DSing his 100-inch Exxtreme! RC on PBS. How cool is that? The segment was about dynamic soaring and the energy gained flying the DS groove.

The preceding segment showed how Condors do the same thing to fly long distances with very little energy expended.

The segment following Kyle’s demonstration of dynamic soaring showed a full scale glider and pilot exploring the phenomenon of DS flying the groove on the side of a mountain. How long before this is a real full-scale sport?

The nature series is on a bunch of times in my local market so you may still be able to catch a viewing in your area. Look for the Raptor Force episode.

Performance Tuning for Gliders from Radio Carbon Art

performance tuning for gliders dvd
We’ve all had planes that fly great right out of the box or off the table and quickly become favorite planes but more often than not there is room for improvement. Luck can only get you so far. I’ve had planes over the years that never seemed to fly right and didn’t perform up to my expectations; most of the time it was simply because I never went through all the steps to really dial the glider in. Sometimes, have several favorites means a potentially great ship never gets it’s due, well, at least until it is sold and the next owner takes the time to make sure the plane is really set up right, kind of like quarterbacks for the Green Bay Packers.
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