Middleton Mountain Vernon B.C. Canada

The view from the picture is looking south over Kalamalka Lake.

Middleton Mtn is located just outside of Vernon B.C. which is in the Okanagan Valley of the B.C. Interior. Approximately 5 hours from Vancouver B.C., 6 hours Calgary, and 2.5 hours from the Washington border. The summit is about 630 metres ASL.

Slope flying exists on South, SW, West and East ridges of Middleton Mountain. Treeless top with natural bunch grass, and with just an occasional rock to watch for makes for nice landing. Flying is at the summit only as development has wiped out all the lower grasslands, along with numerous smaller slopes that existed. There is still a nice slope that leads to the summit and it does not appear that this or the top will be developed. The lift seems a little more choppy with the houses built below but is still great. South to SW winds are predominant, but East winds when they occur are great.

The easiest way to get here would be to drive out from Vernon on Hwy 6, turn on to Middleton Way and follow the streets to Mt. Ida road. Follow Mt.Ida West and come to a cul de sac. Unfortunately one now has to hike approx 10 minutes up the slope but well worth it when the wind is blowing.

Vernon used to have a very active RC soaring club in the 70’s and early 80’s (NWSS affiliated) but there is no activity at this time. Would be happy to show anyone this site that would be interested. Contact

Wreckhouse Section of the Long Range Mountains in Newfoundland

While attempting to get a handle on my out of control email Inbox, I came across this link that Mirko sent me a long time ago. I’ve been meaning to figure out how to get a trip to this place!

I don’t know if anyone has ever sloped this area but I’d sure like to give it a try! No trees, lots of wind and steep mountains sounds like a slope flyers paradise.


Lawrencetown Slope Soaring near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lawrencetown Slope Soaring near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

A small group of us slope soar near Halifax at Lawrencetown on a bluff right on the Atlantic Ocean.
This is our site which includes three image galleries and a small movie:

This is our informal forum/log/story page:

-Steve Ryan

Steve and his SR-7

Sloping in Saint John, New Brunswick

Slope flying at Red Head Slope facing due South in Saint John N.B. Overlooking the Bay Of Fundy.

The slope is at a former Coast Guard site, and as far as I know it still is. The site is only good for South and South-West wind, but that is the direction the wind blows most of the time. It is a beautiful site with about 80-100′ bank, and the slope is about 1 mile long. There are always some bubbles around too as a small arm of land is sticking out on the left side about a 1/4 mile away from the slope. The landing site is a bit of a challenge due to the rotor, but it is all flat and covered with a hardy green plant about 3 feet high and it makes for a good cushion if you miss the little grassy spot about 50′ square.
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