Berry Pasture Trail New Hampshire Slope Site

Berry Pasture Trail has long been a popular hiking trail leading to Burton Peak on Temple Mountain in Sharon, NH. A timber harvest was completed during the summer of 2007 which provides great views of Mount Monadnock and some awesome soaring when winds are blowing from the southwest. Use the Google Map below to get driving directions to the parking area.

From the parking area it’s a strenuous 15-20 minute climb to the west facing slope site. Just follow the triangular blue blazes until you come to the clearing.

The site is accessible in winter, but Mountain Road is not plowed by the town.  Four wheel drive (along with common sense) is highly recommended when the road is covered in snow.

Continuing up Berry Pasture Trail leads to the summit of Burton Peak.  Near the top it meets up with the Wapack trail which is marked by yellow blazes.  Follow the trail uphill until you see the blue blazes break off to the left. When the wind is north-westerly this area probably provides much better lift.  However, it’s pretty tight and not for the faint of heart.

Here is a link to a Google map of the area.

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