CR Fun-1 One Design Racer

Update on this plane. I still have it after almost 8 years and it is still a super plane. I’ve now won the One Design class at the MWSC with it and finished second a couple of times. I did blow up the wing DSing it but a decent repair and it is back in action and now right at the 25 ounce weight minimum negating the need for the 2.5 ounces of ballast I used to need. Still flies great though.

I originally bought this plane to race in the One Design class at the Midwest Slope Challenge.


Airfoil: 6062 (modified)
Span: 60.0
Area: 360 sq in
Surface loading: 9-14oz sq ft
Weight: 22-1/2oz to 35 oz
Control: Aileron (Flaperons) and Elevator
Radio: Hitec Super Slim, HS-81MGs servos for the Ailerons and Elevator, 600ae battery pack.

12-1/2 oz of ballast can be bolted in. 2-1/2 oz are needed to get my version to the minimum weight for the One Design Class at the Midwest Slope Challenge and the other 10 oz brings it to the 35 oz maximum.

Purchased from CR High Performance Products (unfortunately CR is no longer selling planes. I for one will miss the great planes at fair prices!)

I bought this plane to race in the One Design class at the Midwest Slope Challenge. (I tied for 5th place by the way) At the time it was the only kit available which meets the rules, however it is possible and encouraged to build your own plane that meets the specs. With the affordability of this kit ($80-$90 bucks depending on how it is configured) most choose this route. In fact this is one of the best all around values in slope planes today.

The Fun-1 makes an excellent intermediate sloper and is capable of flying in really light conditions. I use it often in winds as low as 6 or 7 mph. When the wind comes up, put in some ballast and this plane is almost as fast as composite ships costing 4 times as much.

I built mine as the instructions indicated. One thing I should have done is to add a spar of some kind. I guess I can always build another wing.

Update: May 2002 – Once again I used this Fun-1 for the One Design class at the Midwest Slope Challenge. There were a lot more planes that meet the rules there this year. In fact no fewer than 5 different designs meeting the specs were represented. In the end CR Fun-1s took the top three places with yours truly netting a 3rd this time.

The new designs showed a lot of promise with a Magnum Models Cobra Racer making the finals and finishing 4th. Could have been 3rd but for a mid air with my Fun-1. I guess we will never know. (sorry Larry!)

The Hammerhead from Polecat Aero was also very competitive but the top two Hammerhead fliers mid-aired and took themselves out of the running. Pat McCleave’s looked particularly fast and Mike Garton’s flew to a soft landing even with the wing at about a 45 degree angle to the fuse after the rear mount bolt broke! Maybe next year guys.

May 2001 – It did not disappoint. I made it through all the rounds of the One Design class at the MWSC and netted a 5th place! It makes me happy since this was my first slope race since about 1984!

I have been using the Fun-1 to practice inverted flying. It is pretty good at it and has no weird tendencies.

It will be going to the 2002 Midwest Slope Challenge. We will see if it is still competitive. There are several new kits to contest its domination of the class.

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