Mt Baldy Slope Flying, Michigan City, Indiana Update

I have spent the last 2 afternoons sloping at Mt. Baldy near Michigan City IN. There are a lot of changes this year that slopers may want to take note of.

The first change is that the approach paths have been altered. The main (and only) path to the summit now begins at the service road on the west side of the main driveway entering the site. The result is a longer path to the top. The natural movement of the dune over the last couple of years has made the final approach to the summit a very steep one, so be advised to “keep it light” with the amount of stuff you carry with you.

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JR Announced a Couple of 2.4ghz Radios Recently.

I’ve been waiting for this announcement from my favorite radio maker for sometime. I know that JR is not always the fastest with new technology but when they do it, they do it right. Looks like they have embraced 2.4GHz DSM2 technology.

First, JR is making the 9303 available as a 2.4GHz unit called, appropriately enough, the JR X9303 2.4.

Even cooler, coming this fall is a new 12 channel DSM2 radio dubbed the 12X. Sounds great for big scale sailplanes and for any guy who needs, or wants, the best. It incorporates the rolling selector system that I love on the 9303.


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