Virginia Sloping in Bristol at Sugar Hollow Park

Virginia Slope Flying Sites

Bristol, VA – Sugar Hollow Park
The park has a man-made dike that is very flyable. Facing southeast, the dike is about 120′ high and at least 300′ wide, with a 20′ flat area on top before descending about 50′ down the back. Maybe there is some DS potential here, I never tried it myself! Only flew there once, very clean and smooth lift with 10-15 mph wind easily lofted my Zagi to “thumbnail” size.

Notice that hikers share the top of the dike as part of a hiking trail, so choose your landing area carefully! As of 12/26/01, there was no water behind the dike.

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Virginia Slope Flying at Mt. Trashmore

Virginia Beach, Virginia – Mt Trashmore

Mt Trashmore is a  recreation area located on the south side of I-264 in Virginia Beach. The hill is a wide V-shaped hill oriented with the bottom of the V pointed roughly Northeast. It is approximately 60 ‘ high with about a 45 degree slope to the North, a 20-30 degree slope  to the South and Southwest, and a 25 degree slope to the East.  The recreation management allows, within reason, small electric R/C aircraft and gliders (no gas).  Best days to fly are when the wind is from the South or Southwest as they come in over the “lake” run right into the top of the V and are the least disturbed by trees etc.  The flying area is also much larger to the S-SW as you can work most of the inside of the V and out toward the lake and don’t have to worry about the parking lot (or the highway) which are to the North of the hill. East winds are ok there but the slope of the hill to the East isn’t as steep.

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