Radio Carbon Art’s F3 Building Clinic DVD

I got this 2-hour DVD on building/assembling a modern composite sailplane from Paul Naton at Radio/Carbon Art a while back and have referred back to it a couple of times after initially watching the whole thing.

F3 building clinic

Paul goes into detail about how to install radio gear, servos and receiver installation, push rods, linkages, ballast, and other building details that apply to most current F3F, F3B and F3J molded sailplanes.

As Paul mentions on his site: “Most of the kits you buy today have little or no instructions, and even though the basic building is done, there’s a lot of building still to do to ensure your plane flies at peak performance in a safe and reliable manner.” How true! It is a bit, if not a lot, intimidating to cut into a $1500-plus F3F ship even though I’ve done a bunch of them and with just a couple of tips I picked up from the video, especially soldering, I feel better about assembling my models.

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Pica Pitcheron Sloper

I finally got my Pica pitcheron sloper done and in the air. Considering it took all of about an hour to get the gear installed and the radio programmed, I am a goof for waiting so long to get this cool pitcheron slope plane in the air. The only other work I did to get it ready was to sand the leading edge a bit where the Mylars had left a bit of a ridge. From past experience with my own bagged planes as well as those from other builders, this is a good performance trick to get the most out of the airfoil and the plane.

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