Unseasonable Warmth Brings Out Hibernating Slopers

January 26th, 2002 was a super day at the Big M. Unseasonable 50 degree temperatures and a strong SW wind brought out several slopers from Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.

Greg gets a DAW Mustang into the air.

Pete launches his Cheetah

Greg’s SH-50 just after launch.

The Acacia II F3F prior to its inital flight. Looked the same after too!

Away it goes. This is the first launch of Greg’s Acacia II F3F. Thanks to Andy Ellison in England for inital control throw settings this flight was great from the toss. A bit of a change to the elevator compensation with crow and it is pretty close. I will take out a smidgeon of nose weight to bring my CG back a bit and it should be spot on for me.

THe DAW Mustang makes a pass.

Tracy and Clayton model the latest in cool weather sloping gear. Tracy sports non-fog goggles and gloves while Clayton warms his hands in a
stunning red Katie Kaufmann Transmitter Mitt.

Pete gets his Cheetah out into the lift again while Dan looks on.

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