Ahi One Design Aerobatic Contest – My Entry

This video is my entry in the dream-flight/ Ahi One Design Aerobatic Contest. Check it out and vote early and vote often!

It was a windy day with 20-25mph winds at the small Big Bay slope in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin and it was a good opportunity to try out my GoPro Session 4 on the my helmet to make a bit of a video for the contest. This is a really tight slope but it was a fun flight. Gotta work on my video technique a bit but the contest looms so this is the one. Vote for Greg!

Also, it’s not too late for YOU to enter the contest! Submit your best 3 minute video of Dream-Flight Ahi slope aerobatics (remember it is a one design contest so the Ahi is a must!) to the VTPR & Slope Aerobatics Facebook group by the end of of the last day of summer – Friday, September 22nd, 2017. Judging will be done by members of the group! Good luck!

Prizes from dream-flight include:

First Place: $350 Dream-Flight Cash + T-Shirt
Second Place: $150 Dream-Flight Cash + T-Shirt
Third Place: $100 Dream-Flight Cash + T-Shirt

Check out all the details at – 

Performance Tuning for Gliders from Radio Carbon Art

performance tuning for gliders dvd
We’ve all had planes that fly great right out of the box or off the table and quickly become favorite planes but more often than not there is room for improvement. Luck can only get you so far. I’ve had planes over the years that never seemed to fly right and didn’t perform up to my expectations; most of the time it was simply because I never went through all the steps to really dial the glider in. Sometimes, have several favorites means a potentially great ship never gets it’s due, well, at least until it is sold and the next owner takes the time to make sure the plane is really set up right, kind of like quarterbacks for the Green Bay Packers.
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Radio Carbon Art’s F3 Building Clinic DVD

I got this 2-hour DVD on building/assembling a modern composite sailplane from Paul Naton at Radio/Carbon Art a while back and have referred back to it a couple of times after initially watching the whole thing.

F3 building clinic

Paul goes into detail about how to install radio gear, servos and receiver installation, push rods, linkages, ballast, and other building details that apply to most current F3F, F3B and F3J molded sailplanes.

As Paul mentions on his site: “Most of the kits you buy today have little or no instructions, and even though the basic building is done, there’s a lot of building still to do to ensure your plane flies at peak performance in a safe and reliable manner.” How true! It is a bit, if not a lot, intimidating to cut into a $1500-plus F3F ship even though I’ve done a bunch of them and with just a couple of tips I picked up from the video, especially soldering, I feel better about assembling my models.

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1st World Sailplane Grand Prix DVD

This is a super video of the 1st World Sailplane Grand Prix for full-scale sailplanes. Of particular interest to slope soaring enthusiasts is the venue. The French Alps. The world-class pilots use a combination of thermal and slope lift for the race achieving speeds over 200kph sometimes only feet from the mountains! Very cool. Slope soaring full-scale style.

In addition to the sailplane racing footage there are some great shots of current 18-meter class sailplanes. Whether you are into slope soaring or aerotowing there are lots of sailplanes to model your scale job after.

Pilot interviews and race a race summary are also included.


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