Indiana Dunes – Mt Baldy Weather Information

Here is a link to the Michigan city light house weather station for slope
soaring Mount Baldy.

As described before N-NW winds are ideal. Western southerly winds are soarable on the smaller north dune.

The large central bowl of the dune makes this site great for beginners to
learn with elbow room for mistakes.

I paraglide and RC this location whenever the winds permit.


Mt Baldy Slope Flying, Michigan City, Indiana Update

I have spent the last 2 afternoons sloping at Mt. Baldy near Michigan City IN. There are a lot of changes this year that slopers may want to take note of.

The first change is that the approach paths have been altered. The main (and only) path to the summit now begins at the service road on the west side of the main driveway entering the site. The result is a longer path to the top. The natural movement of the dune over the last couple of years has made the final approach to the summit a very steep one, so be advised to “keep it light” with the amount of stuff you carry with you.

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Indiana Slope Flying at Mt. Baldy

Mt Baldy, IN

Dave with a Bandit at Mt. Baldy



Mt. Baldy is a large dune at the Southern end of Lake Michigan. It’s part of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, plus it doesn’t cost anything to park there. Wind direction for flying at Baldy, NW to NE with N best. Mostly winter winds, so bundle up!

Nice parking lot with bathrooms all winter, and a easy walk from the back through a woods to the top. About a 5 min. walk. We only fly there from Labor Day to Memoriol Day, too many people any other time.

Take 94 east, out of Gary Indiana, till you come to HWY49. Exit 26 by Chesterton.
Go north on 49 about 2 miles and turn right (east) on US-12.
Take US-12 about 7 miles and look for a Mt. Baldy sign on your left it’s at the first big curve in the road.
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Indiana Sloping at Brookville Dam

Brookville Dam, IN

Brookville Dam in Indiana has been described by some as “the best inland slope in our part of the country”. It is located 2.5 hours from Louisville in Brookville, IN and about 1 hour from Cincinnati, OH. Brookville Lake is located in Franklin and Union Counties on the East Fork of the Whitewater River. The dam is about 1.5 miles above Brookville, Indiana, and 36 miles northwest of Cincinnati.

South winds work best here although there has been some noise made about DS potential in North winds. Several 4 hour, as well as at least one 8 hour, LSF flights have taken place at this site.
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