Sloping in Saint John, New Brunswick

Slope flying at Red Head Slope facing due South in Saint John N.B. Overlooking the Bay Of Fundy.

The slope is at a former Coast Guard site, and as far as I know it still is. The site is only good for South and South-West wind, but that is the direction the wind blows most of the time. It is a beautiful site with about 80-100′ bank, and the slope is about 1 mile long. There are always some bubbles around too as a small arm of land is sticking out on the left side about a 1/4 mile away from the slope. The landing site is a bit of a challenge due to the rotor, but it is all flat and covered with a hardy green plant about 3 feet high and it makes for a good cushion if you miss the little grassy spot about 50′ square.

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In the gallery there are a couple of pictures from the site, and the directions are just a click away on Red Head Icon.

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