Hitec Eclipse 7 – a capable radio at a great price

Hitec Eclipse 7 radio


Hitec Eclipse 7

Hitec’s top of the line radio is the Eclipse 7 FM. It sports a 7-model memory and 7 channels and is available with a Spectra module. The large LCD screen helps make programming easy as do the four separate programming loops, one for fixed wing, glow, gas or electric planes, a helicopter mode and two sailplane modes! , one for basic and one for advanced sailplanes.

The Eclipse is loaded with features like a variety of preprogrammed mixes plus five programmable mixes (two in Heli mode), digital trims, servo end point adjustments, dual rates, exponential rates, three flight condition settings per model, shift select, sub trims, servo reversing and more.

A real bonus is the available Spectra Module that allows you to dial in any 72mhz frequency!

Glider specific functions:

2 servo Wing Mode

  • Aileron Differential
  • V-Tail mix
  • Elevator-Flap mix
  • Aileron-Rudder mix
  • Flap-Aileron Coupling
  • Flap-Elevator Coupling
  • Flap-Aileron Trim

4 Servo Wing Mode

Same as above plus:

  • Crow mix
  • Aileron-Dual Flap Trim
  • Aileron-Dual Flap Coupling
  • Dual Flap-Aileron Trim

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