ATOMiK RC Radio Case for Spektrum DXE, DX6 DX7, DX8 Gen 2and DX9 Transmitters

The Atomik radio case for the Spectrum RC transmitters listed in the title is a nice, lightweight unit made from a thermo-formed nylon and now houses my Dx6E transmitter. I was using it as compact storage for my DX9 Black Edition but since that one came with its own aluminum case I’ve given the job of housing the DX6E over to this case.

I’ve actually owned this Atomik case for several months and it is wearing well and is very convenient to use. It has a dual zipper and opens completely up like a clamshell while offering good, padded protection when it is closed. There is also a convenient carrying handle on the back of the case.

I can confirm that this case holds the 1st generation DX6, the DX6E and the DX9 (Black Edition) just fine as I currently own all of these transmitters.

Atomik RC Part#: 2037

I bought mine for $24.99 from

Atomik also makes other radio and drone cases in eluding one that lists Spektrum DX5e, 6i, DX7, DX7s and FrSky Taranis X9D Plus as compatible that you can check out here –

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