Flying at the Big M 06/10/01

Platteville, WI – 06/10/01 Greg & Mirko

The forcasted 15-30 mph winds at the Big M in Platteville did not disapoint today. When we arrived at 10 AM the wind was out of the Southwest about 15 MPH.

I got out the Prodij and started flying while Mirko got one of his 2 Saggitas ready. I hadn’t flown this plane since the Midwest Slope Challange in mid-May and was anxious to get it in the air. A quick toss and the Prodij was climbing out well. The lift was already very good. I was practicing pylon racing starts and turns for awhile and then worked a few aerobatics.

Mirko gets one of the Saggitas launched.


After about 30 minutes of flying the Prodij, and with the wind speed increasing, I got the Extreme ready. I have flown it several times, but today would be the first day I  consided the wind speed high enough to really give it a workout. I love the way this plane handles! It is stable, carries speed really well, slams through turns, rolls perfectly and in general is a thrill to fly. It is a blast to gain as much height as possible and rip high speed passes. I’m glad it has flaps because it doesn’t want to slow down!

Mirko flew a second Saggita and the Vern Hunt one off. The Vern special really screams when Mirko brings it in for a high-speed pass. The guys working on the cable company’s sattelite dish were suitably impressed.

I next flew the Fun-1, ballasted with about 10oz of lead. The wind was up to about 22-25 mph and I need some practice with this plane carrying weight in case the conditions are great at the MWSC next year. The plane carries it well and the energy retention is much better with some lead in the belly. I flew some imaginary pylon races and like the plane with the extra weight.

Since I had no problem getting good height, I deceided to work on my inverted flying with the Fun-1. I do not have a whole bunch of experience recently with inverted fight and have been a bit chicken at the home slopes where the flying is much closer to the ground. I put the plane on its back, dialed in a bit of reflex and cruised around upside down for a bit. I can see with more practice I will be doing it a lot more.

Some of the planes at the Big M. From front to back: one off Vern Hunt Special, ME-163, Saggita, Extreme, Prodij and Fun-1.


I wrapped up the day with another flight of the Prodij. The wind was about 25-30 mph by this time. A touch of reflex and this plane moves out! Even unballasted, at about 24oz, it handled the wind with no problem. The lift was great and gaining big altitude was no problem. Sweet vertical rolls, huge loops, speed runs and multiple slow rolls are what gaining all that height is all about.

If you can make it out to the Big M on a day like today, you are sure to go home with a big grin on your face!

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