Slope Fun With No Wind!

Greg letting the Mini Acacia rip.

A bungee and a pedal launcher are great fun especially when the slope lift leaves a bit to be desired.

My bungee, from Hollyday Designs, (sadly, like so many r/c cottage industries, Hollyday is no longer in business, however there are a couple of other sources and the fun can still be had) is 25 feet of big ol’ black rubber tubing with eyelets installed in each end. I usually pull about double the length of the bungee for really big launches. I’d say I get about 250 feet off a launch although vertical rolls and other schenanigans usually make that somewhat less.

Put the launch hook well forward of the CG and let ‘er rip. With the bungee pulling, the plane tracks straight, just be ready to pull up when the bungee lets go and watch the plane climb like a rocket.

Rich at Hollyday was very helpful and even reinstalled one of the eyelets N/C when I nicked the rubber where one of the bungee grips (the part that has the eyelet on it) is installed on the tubing.

3 thoughts on “Slope Fun With No Wind!

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Since the post was originally written some suppllers have come and gone. I think the Aerofoam versions are currently the best available!


  2. Yeah, it’s a great tool for many possible occasions…

    I made one myself, very easy and it took me maybe 15 minutes to put together after the purchase of the necessary materials.

    Instead of the typical black rubber hose, and after recommendations, my choice was Latex surgical tubing which is flexible in sub zero temperatures, maintains memory after repeated stretching and has tremendous holding strength, Tensile Strength: 3,500 PSI (Pressure per Square Inches) Minimum, Elongation at Break: 750% Minimum
    Also put together a simple foot-controlled release made of plywood…

    …altitude is my best friend…..

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