Buck Creek State Park, CJ Brown Lake, Clark County – Slope Flying Site

Buck Creek State Park,  CJ Brown Lake, Clark County

This slope flying site is a 75 foot grassy dam face in a State Park.

(note from the editor: Dam faces often work great for DS give this one a go in East wings and let us know how it goes!)

Driving Directions – From I-70 exit onto US Route 40 just east of Springfield. Go about two miles west on Rt. 40, and then turn north on Bird Road. Follow Bird Road into Buck Creek State Park, drive along the south side of the lake, and then follow the signs  around to the park headquarters

Wind Directions – West Winds works best. An arm of the dam facing South may be flyable as well.

Landing Zone – plan to land on the slope in front of the guardrail.

Hazards – guard rail at the top, pedestrians on the dam top roadway, rocks and water behind that.  There is a power flying field due west of the slope.  If power flyers are on site, you need to coordinate frequencies with them. They may not look for you if you arrive first.

Access – State Park.  Rangers seem very cooperative. Restrooms, picnic area, plenty of parking and state park facilities of the usual sort.

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