Cincinnati Area Sloping – Brookville Dam

Brookville Dam, IN

Brookville Dam in Indiana has been described by some as “the best inland slope in our part of the country”. It is located 2.5 hours from Louisville in Brookville, IN and about 1 hour from Cincinnati, OH. Brookville Lake is located in Franklin and Union Counties on the East Fork of the Whitewater River. The dam is about 1.5 miles above Brookville, Indiana, and 36 miles northwest of Cincinnati.

South winds work best here although there has been some noise made about DS potential in North winds. Several 4 hour, as well as at least one 8 hour, LSF flights have taken place at this site.

When the south winds are moderate you can fly any thermal plane off the dam. When the winds get above 20 the specialty slope planes take over. The combat flying by the flying wings reminds one of a cloud of gnats in the summer. After watching for a while one begins to wonder how these planes, which are trying to hit each other, keep missing. When there is contact, the friendly razzing begins until revenge is achieved. Landings are on the grass-covered face of the dam.

When the wind blows it is an experience that is something else.

Local Pilots

Ed Franz – Cincinnati area.

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