Slope Flying Site Near Toledo – Maumee Bay State Park

This hill, in Maumee Bay State Park, was made from dirt piled out of the ponds made nearby. It rises 70 ft in the air. It is just 150 feet from Lake Erie, wind coming from the north is undisturbed as it comes across and produces some good lift. I have been sloping here, along with some others, for over a year now, and many have before me.

The best lift and sometimes the only spot you can find lift in light winds is produced from wind coming from the east, blowing up the steepest side. Then the greatest lift comes from wind blowing from the south, then the north, then the east. Although there are woods directly southwest of the hill, small lift is still produced with wind coming from that direction.

Maumee Bay State Park is ranked one of the best state parks in the state receiving 4.5 stars every year. There is a lodge, cabins,amphitheater, golfcourse, camp ground with electric, and many other attractions, including the man made swimming/silent boat pond were we fly seaplanes sometimes.

The hill is shaped like a cone so the landing spot on the top of the hill is small, but as you can see in one of the pictures, there is a small grass feild at the base near the parking lot. This feild can also be used to fly small electric parkfliers. In the spring, the west side of the hill is mowed and can be used for a landing spot, but other than that, and the top, its all weeds. For this reason, smaller foam models, like zagis and boomerangs, have the advantage of being able to land anywhere. If you are going to fly, I live down the road and im always looking for someone to fly with or combat with, so give me an email in advance.


Coming from the west:
from toldeo, go east on state rt 2 6 miles,
turn north on north curtice rd.
go straight 2 1/2 miles to the park entrance.

Coming from the east: take state route 2 to North Curice rd.
go north 2 1/2 miles to park entrace on Cedar Point Rd.

Once your are at the main entrance on North Cutice, go straight in the park and left at the fork in the road and you can see the hill in lot 7 from there.

My names is Jeff Brower

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