2 thoughts on “Skyking Mini SR Build Thread

  1. Sir, I have one of the mark grand original fuselages which I obtained from him many years ago and somehow in the midst of moving the plans and three views went awol. Since you did an excellent build review I was wondering if I might obtain a copy of the plans and 3 view so I can cut my own cores and build another one from scratch. I contacted skyking and they no longer have any plans or parts left since thet discontinued it. They suggested I look on RC Groups for the info. If you can help feel free to contact me either by e-mail at or by phone at 724 420 3038. It would be very much appreciated. My mailing address is: Robert J. Markle SR. (Do you remember RJM Systems?) I am still in business but now produce high end bagged wings and foam cutting power supplies. 79 Clopper Street Herminie, PA l5637. Thanks again Bob…

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