Kansas F3F – August 2005

We got in a 4-round F3F race on Saturday the wind was very light, 4-7mph or so when we started and it got lighter as we went. Thermals did make the course flyable most of the time. Probably not even “legal” wind most of the time but we could fly and figured the light air practice would be better than nothing so we set up the course and proceeded to run the race.

We flew on the ENE face of Airport Hill at Wilson Lake in Central Kansas. This site has good potential if the wind comes up and is the right direction. Not real common wind direction this time of tear but it was good to see that the site will work and early season events may see ENE more often.

Ian and Andrew made the trip to central Kansas from Colorado. Greg drove from Milwaukee and the rest of the guys were local or from not too far away.

Todd and Mike both got some of the better air and that, along with some good flying, got them both their best results to date. Eric was making some really nice turns and just missed besting Jack! Watch your 6, Jack, guys are gunning for you. Chance is improving as well. Ian and Andrew got their feet wet and both showed promise. If the wind had been better I think Ian would have been very competitive. Andrew got the long walk when he landed the Discus out.

Since we started doing F3F in Kansas it has grown quite nicely. If the forecast would have been more favorable we should have had at least 12 racers, Maybe as many as 15! We are also starting to see guys running much better courses and making the commitment to get a dedicated F3F plane. I expect to see this keep growing!

Here is how they finished.

Results for 08-20-05

1 – 3846.31 – Todd Martin – Flash
2 – 3826.80 – Mike Bailey – Nemesis
3 – 3783.97 – Greg Smith – Viper/Passion
4 – 3486.39 – Jack Cooper – Mini Charisma/2.5 Meter Discus 2B
5 – 3438.21 – Erik Eaton – Banana
6 – 3360.46 – Ian – Sting
7 – 3131.99 – Merrell Anderson – Banana
8 – 2570.57 – Chance Cooper – Vortex
9 – 1980.30 – Andrew – Lumberjack/2.5-Meter Discus 2B

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