Atwater Beach Sloping 01-10-09

Mirko, Dave and I had a good flying session at Atwater today. The temp was about 27 degrees with a nice 15-20mph wind coming straight in to the Northeast-facing slope at Atwater.

I had a flight with my Bee to test the air before the other guys showed up and found really good lift. After about 10 minutes I plopped the Bee on the ground in front of me after a brush run and decided that I should warm up instead of tossing the plane out again.

Mirko arrived as I was warming up and topping off the charge on the LEG P-51 and went out to fly his Slope Monkey

Dave came a bit later and flew his Lumberjack for a couple of flights with one of them culminating in an impressive triple back flip after a bush whacking run.

On the second flights Dave and I made Mirko shot some video with his little Canon camera. The video is not bad if you click the High Quality link and turn down the volume. There is a lot of wind noise.

Sweet! This was alreay my thinrd day sloping this year. That is more flying, I think than the last 6 months of 2008!

After the flying Dave stopped by the shop and demonstrated his little eFlight helicopter. Pretty cool with all the directional control you need.

One thought on “Atwater Beach Sloping 01-10-09

  1. I dropped my daughter off at UWM last week Sunday after her weekend home. Planned to meet my brother at Atwater (first time there for both of us), but as we approached Milwaukee, he called and said the wind was 1 mph in Bay View. He decided he wouldn’t come from Franklin to try to fly in nothing. But I had my Alula Evo in the car, and the park was only 10 blocks away, so what the hey. The flag was almost standing straight out when I got to the park!!!

    I flew for about 10 min, chatting with the kids who stopped by “Hey, that’s cool. Can you control it? How much did it cost? How come it doesn’t make any noise?” Then someone stepped up next to me and said “Can I join you?” and flipped his new Alula in the air. Jack and I flew for about another 1/2 hour, until I remembered my wife was still in the car 😮 (she had a book).

    All in all, nice site and nice flight.

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