Slope Trash Magazine Flys Again!

If you remember past iterations of, you may remember a section called Slope Trash Magazine. Well, in the kerfuffle of porting old content to a new system I lost that part of the site but just found, on an old computer, much of the content! I will be rebuilding that section of this site over time including a separate site look for Slope Trash Magazine stories. Meanwhile I’ll be posting blasts from the past but wholeheartedly encourage new submissions to With that said, here is the original announcement from 2002!

Thanks to an arrangement with the original publisher, Roy G. Biv, has agreed to provide server space so Slope Trash Magazine can again bring you the kind of stories you learned to love in the past!

Here is a bit from the new home of Slope Trash Magazine on what this site is all about:

Slope Trash Magazine’s future expansion and development will be driven by contributions from on-the-edge slope soaring fanatics (homo slopiens), and we look forward to presenting the writing and photography of as many contributors as we can.

STM is not for kit reviews or promotion of any specific maker’s products. Rather, it’s a place for stories and images that express the spirit, irreverence and boldness of extreme R/C slope soaring in both humorous and solemn terms. Our aim is to publish the highest quality text and images, so send your best work.

Welcome back, Slope Trash Magazine!

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