Dave Hauch Relates Some X-21 Experience

x-21 f3bI’ve got some time on this plane, just been dialing in the thermal mode right now, I’ve had poor conditions to do too much for speed runs.

This plane has no bad habits, they say it’s a knock-off of the Estrella, but the Estrella has bad habits.

It’s hard to make it tip stall, when it does, the nose just drops a little. I can go real extreme on launch set-ups and it handles it like a dream, where most planes will want to snap on you.

It slows down a hundred times better than the Tragi.

Rolls, I can’t believe how easy it rolls for a plane this big, you don’t even need that much speed.

When I’m coming around to set up for a landing, I find myself rolling it 50 feet of the ground, I say ”what I’m I doing”! but it does it.

Talked to Mike Smith in CA. he’s run some 15 second speed runs with his, so it will go.

I had REAL bad rudder flutter, had to change the rudder horn to 90% angle, and replaced the push-rods. It wasn’t glued in the boom and it was flexing bad.

All fixed now.

Haven’t flown it in awhile, saving it for Sleeping Bear this fall, don’t want anything to happen to it.

Dave Hauch
Michigan, USA

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