Wizard Compact Cross Tail

I ordered a fuse and tail only to use with my existing Wizard BPV wings. I already have the standard V-tail fuse with elevators, not the full flying stab, that I got with the wings and I was curious to see if there is a noticeable difference in how the two tails fly. The finished weights are within about an ounce so it should be down to the tail for any differences in flight.

Wizard Cross tail
Photo: ET-Air

The cross tail has a pretty cool tail arrangement. The stab bolts on and the rudder, which contains the rudder servo, a JR DS-281 in my case, plugs in on top of the elevator. The rudder servo mount and linkage must have been tailor made for this servo because it fits perfectly.

I used a Hoopes harness in the fuse. I carefully lined up the connectors so I could use the existing wings I have. In fact my last 4 Wizards all could have interchanged parts.

Next little project will be to finish the C-93 wings I have so I can use them on either fuse as well.

Here’s hoping that the wind will be good soon. I am anxious to fly the new tail!

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