The Wizard Compact 2x – a great all around slope plane!

Posted by Espen Torp on Nov 12, 2001

wizard compact
Wizard Compact 2x

This description is courtsey of Espen Torp.

I first got hold of the Wizard Compact some years ago. I was looking for a sports/F3F/slope plane that could take some abuse. I have had an eye to the Wizard F3B for many years but I never got to get one. Then when the producer came and showed me the Compact I was hooked. Neat size, nice design and very high quality was one of the reasons I purchased it.

First of all and most important, this plane is just outright good to fly! It handles really well and can be set up in different modes by adjusting the centre of gravity. Take it far back and it gets very sensitive and very responsive on the elevator, but be careful, tip stall may occur in this mode. Adjust the CG to a more normal setting and the Wizard behaves very smoothly and gentle. Still you can have a lot of fun with it and this setting is good for Dynamic Soaring.

wizard compact 2
An all carbon Wizard!


The Selig airfoil was not really my cup of tea but after testing it I must say it works really well. This little plane launches ever so good on the winch or with the bungee (with some wind). For the F3F task you might set records or even win contest with it.
For slope/sports soaring it’s a dream, it flies of any slope with a minimum of wind and does not mind stormy weather either.

The Compact now comes with a two piece wing and a two piece V-tail, that means very easy transportation. The fuselage is based on Ellipse 3 and has the same ballast system allowing up to 1000 grams.

wizard compact II


In all my Compacts I have used 13mm Volz servos, but the flaps can for sure take 15mm servos. In the fuselage 13mm is recommended. I guess a handyman can fit 15mm also here.

The wings is made of glass/balsa/glass lay-up and it is possible to get it in carbon also. Fuselage is made of glass/kevlar with additional carbon rovings for added strength.


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The ballast tube in the fuse holds about 25 ounces


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