Slope Scale Aircobra PSS Plane

This Slope Scale kit can be made to resemble a P-39 Aircobra or a P-63 Kingcobra. I use the terms interchangeably for better or worse. My plane leans towards the Kingcobra if only because I opted for a more Kingcobra like vertical fin because it is a bit taller. I figured the extra stability couldn’t hurt.

My current P-63 is a standard layup and with normal balsa sheeting/solartex/paint type construction. It is flying at 38 ounces. I recently picked up a heavy layup short kit that I will build heavier for the big wind days. I am going to use 1/32 ply on that one.

I maidened my P-63 in light air at Soar Utah 2006. Probably no more that 8mph at point of the Mountain South. My immediate impression was that this plane flies great. I was able to fly in the light air and by working pumps build up some speed. I flew it for about 10 minutes before the lift turned completely off and I landed the plane at my feet.

I have since had several good days with the P-63 in air from 10mph up to about 25mph. It is really a blast when the wind and lift come up. i love the look of the plane in the air and it tracks great and maintains energy really well.

Many Slope Scale veterans say this is the best flying plane in the Slope Scale hangar. I don’t doubt it for a minute I can verify that it definitely flies better than the F-20. I have an F-80 on the board now and that is the other plane that is mentioned as a best of breed so I am looking forward to getting it finished.

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