Orca Pitcheron Slope Ship

harley's orca

Harley Michaelis of Genie TD ship fame, with help from Jay Decker, Eagle Butte regular, have made available a new version of the ORCA “pitcheron” sloper with plans and parts kits. The original version appeared in the November ’89 issue of Model Aviation while the new plane has been updated to reflect current slope trends. If you like speed, agility and something different in looks, check out this easy-to-build machine.

3 thoughts on “Orca Pitcheron Slope Ship

    1. Hi David! My name is Garland Hanson and I just discovered Harley’s ORCA sloper! NOW I just found your page with the beautiful glass fuses you have produced. I’d be interested in one or two if you have extras. Can you please contact me?! Thanks!

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