Airtech Passion Building Info

The Passion is a 2.45-meter sailplane from Airtech in France. It is an all around plane with an eye towards slope flying and F3F but is also a very capable thermal ship. This article has tips from the building of my current Passion.

Routing out the aileron and flap channel


Scraping the wood away from the hingeline


Pushrod holes in the fuse


Gluing the pushrod housings to the fuse


Pushrods housings installed


V-tail control horns


Center mark on the V-tail


Ready to glue the control horns in


Control horn channel


Control horns installed


Control horn installed


Routed out servo pocket


Fuse setup


Receiver tucked forward of the wing


Control horn and control rod setup


Wing tip routed out


Servo leads


Ballast block and ballast tray


Ballast tray installed

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