My 2nd Pica Pitcheron Sloper

I liked my first Pica so much that I got a second plane from Tim. The new plane is a glass version instead of a carbon plane but it seems fine to me. The pix don’t do the color justice but it is orange and blue. I may add a second orange stripe to the bottom of the wing. I was not sure how it would look but now that I have it I think the additional stripe will balance it out nicely. Stock Krylon color so that should be easy.

The gear is Hitec HS-85MGs, either a 900mah NiMh or a 350 NiCad depending on the weather and a Berg 4 channel receiver.

I am thinking about adding some weight to this one so I have one Pica for light air and one for heavier air. Gotta find a place to stuff 8 ounces or so.

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