Citizens & AMA VS FAA Resources

Folks, I am getting back into our beloved hobby at a very interesting time. Not only has the R/C tech improved yet again but there are potentially new rules that I’ve only recently become aware of that may affect our ability to fly as we have in the past. In my research of the opinions and recommendations on what to do I’ve talked to several longtime pilots and also perused the web for info. Here are some links I came across that, I hope, will shed some light on the issues. Please feel free to comment! Let me know your rational for registering, or not!

Not withstanding that I don’t consider my model flying over the past 40+ years to be in the same vein as unexperienced drone “pilots” who can step back from active engagement with their aircraft, my inclination is to wait and see where this goes.

3 thoughts on “Citizens & AMA VS FAA Resources

  1. Wow…welcome back, Greg! Shocked to see a 2016 posting on the site after so long.

    We met at the Whatever Fest a few years ago, right before you got bit by the “biking bug”.

    I know this is off-topic as far as drones, but is there still sloping at the County Line landfill?


    1. Dave,

      I am not sure about the landfill. It was an “alternate field” site for the Astrowings club but I don’t see it listed anymore.

      If you’ve got publicly accessible slopes that we can list on the site, let me know!


      1. Greg,

        It’s been too long. I’d been thinking about getting back into sloping and flying as well. It’s pretty lonely out there, and the new rules and whatnot make it pretty challenging. I’ve got a quad, but other than using it as a platform for video, it’s pretty boring to fly. Was your venture back into slopeflying just a February thing, or are you still doing it?

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