Stellar Day at Concordia as the Winds hit 25 plus!

The wind was straight in at about 25 when I got to the slope. I put 16 ounces of ballast in the Extreme and spent 45 minutes tearing up the sky. This puppy covers ground really well and with the added ballast has super energy retention. In turns it doesn’t seem to loose speed and half pipes are a blast!

Russ and Mirko showed up towards the end of my flight. Russ had intended to test fly his recently completed Pixel but with the 25 mph wind and no previous flight he thought it best to wait until conditions were a bit calmer to give it its maiden voyage.

Mirko had his Sagitta out and Russ spent some time flying it too.

Russ happily gives Mirko’s Sagitta a go.

Mirko’s Sagitta on a fast pass.

Sagitta takes on full size plane. Not as close as it looks. Isn’t perspective cool?

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