Great Conditions at Concordia for Greg and Mirko

Mirko gave me a call and said he was going to Concordia. When I arrived, Mirko was already tearing around with his Saggita at the North launch site.

I wanted to fly the Extreme because the conditions would have supported it and I haven’t flown it at a big hill for a while. However, I left the transmitter I use for that plane at home. Oops! Tracy knows what I am talking about. Fortunately, I had 3 other planes in the car that are all on a different transmitter.

I joined Mirko with my Mini Acacia and the lift was great. This hill supports several hundred feet of altitude when the conditions are right. Today they were. We flew for about 30 minutes during which time several people watched or asked questions. Mirko suggested to one guy that he should get the University to start a model airplane club.

We were able to gain significant height and many screaming speed passes were the reward for the good lift. I started to play around with an In-Your-Face type move, diving down and coming straight in, swooping up the face of the hill. Variations on heading back out included a half loop with a half roll, a hammerhead turn following the slope back out and a vertical roll that sort of lost speed at the top and flopped down for the return trip.

We both landed about the same time. The wind was shifting right so we relocated to the Southern launch site. While Mirko changed the frequency of his big Vern Special, I loaded about 12 ounces in the belly of my Fun-1.


I flew some simulated pylon racing with the Fun-1 to get used to having it ballasted up. I  could have taken out a few ounces and it would have been perfect. Mirko had the Vern Special out tearing around. An uneventful landing 30 minutes later and it was time to fly the SH-50.

Conditions were perfect to wring the SH-50 out a bit. I had more fun flying at the hill than across it as I got more practice with the In-Your-Face moves.

Mirko’s wife was kind enough to bring the boys out a couple of cold ones. She did some reading while we flew. Concordia is a nice, relaxing place especially on a beautiful day like today!

One thought on “Great Conditions at Concordia for Greg and Mirko

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