Central Coast Area – Sheboygan, Manitowac and Kewaunee

Central Wisconsin Coast Slope Flying Sites

The Kewaunee slope

Kewaunee is about 30 miles north of Manitowoc. There is a very good site on the lake just after the Marina. As you pass the Marina on HWY 42, turn right on Hathaway Drive and follow it to the stop sign. Turn left to go up the hill. At the top of the crest is probably the best place to fly; there is a decent landing area between the road and the bluff. This road is a ridge road for a while. Direction is East to ESE. The interesting twist here is that there is a west facing bluff less than 100 yards from the lake bluff. This could offer Dynamic Soaring possibilities whenever there is a west wind – or even when there is an East wind.


At the south end of Manitowoc there is a good sloping area off of the Road “LS.” Turn east at the first street just north of the University of Wisconsin grounds. This is about 2 miles south of downtown Manitowoc. (10th Street leads to LS). You will see that just east of the UW building is a grassy open area that offers a decent slope. If you turn left (instead of stopping at this slope) there are more areas next to the street called “Lakeside.” This continues for almost a half a mile. Take your pick on where to fly. Slope height is only about 60 to 80 feet high. It is mostly beach at the bottom. East is the direction for this slope.

Sheboygan and Manitowoc county along Lake Michigan

After the city of Sheboygan, there are numerous slopes on the road called “LS.” Take any exit from I-43 after Sheboygan and head east. When you get to LS turn left. Just work your way up toward Manitowoc on this road and take your pick. At one point, after the town of Cleveland, the bluff is literally 20-30 feet from the road. I suggest getting a detailed county map for this endeavor. By the way, LS is a very scenic drive, even if you don’t do any sloping.


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