Badger Mountian Washington

Badger Mountian Washington Sunday March 14, 2004

One of my favorite Slope soaring sites, about 20 minutes from downtown East Wenatchee, Washington, just a few miles from the site Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon bellie landed the “Miss Veedol” after the first nonstop Transpacific flight, october 5th 1931.

The site is located to the north of a Radio Transmission site on Badger Mountain about 9 miles east of the town East Wenatchee, WA.


Drive north on Eastmont ave. towards the housing development called Fancher Heights, you will drive past the landing site of the Miss  Veedol which is the housing development named Fancher Hts. Continue up the Badger Mt. road, which is currently under reconstruction. Notice the radio transmission site to your right as you approach the plateau summit of about 3’100. ft.Turn right to the south on a dirt road and take the next right on a service road to the radio transmission site and park. A short walk to the north and your at the flying slope.

This slope flies best on a west wind. There are plenty Bush Grass and dirt to land in just behind the slope about 30 yards. There is an occasional sage brush to keep you on your toes. This day the wind sheared from the north and was not the best lift but I Flew anyway.  The Glider is a Predator “48” , a Three Year Veteran on Badger  Mountain.

Written: by Craig S. Wentz

Photos: by Rodney Ropp

Glider Pilot: Craig S. Wentz

Contact: Craig  e-mail

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