Texas Sloping in Tarrant County

Thanks, David. Find other slope info at David’s site and an email link if you are going to be in the area.

Tarrant County Sites:
Benbrook Lake Dam:
Slope faces NNE and SSW Aerial photo of the dam

Directions: Mapsco 87Y. From I-20/Loop 820 in SW Fort Worth, go south on 377 into Benbrook. After about 1 mile you will turn left onto Lakeway, then after about 1/3 mile turn right onto Beach. Park beside the road before you get to the private park/beach gatehouse. Walk to the top of the dam. You can also continue on Lakeway and turn right on Lakeside to get to Longhorn Park at the east end of the dam.

Notes: N face is grass, S face is rock. If flying S face, fly at W end of dam where there is land at the bottom between the dam and the lake so you don’t have to land on the rocks if you can’t get back to the top of the slope. N face is a delight to fly — nice long grassy slope with plenty of lift, no obstructions or roads. Warning: this site is about 1 mile from the T-Birds R/C field, more or less depending on which end of the dam you are on. The field is on Mapsco 87W. Make sure you know where the field is and PLEASE take appropriate precautions for channel control. I suggest you drive over and post a note on their board or something similar to avoid shooting someone down or having your plane shot down, then remove the note when you are done.

Inspiration Point: Slope faces SW, S, and SE

Directions: Mapsco 60D. From I-820 on the NW side of Ft. Worth, take Exit 10a, E. Jacksboro Hwy (199) 6/10 mile to Roberts Cut-Off . Turn right on Roberts Cut-Off and go 4/10 mile to 90 degree bend in road, then another 2/10 mile before turning right into Marion Samsom park driveway that leads to the tall white rock chimney. Fly from the area near the chimney. Overlooks Trinity River just below Lake Worth. Lots of height, lots of lift.

Notes: You will be flying over large trees and thick brush. If you fail to land at the top of the slope, you may need a long pole to fish your plane out of a tree. Not for beginners. Jeans and boots recommended for thick brush and stickers if you land down the slope.

Grapevine Lake Dam: Slope faces E, north end faces ENE. Aerial photo of the dam

Directions: Mapsco 14U. From north DFW Airport entrance go W on Hwy 114/121. Exit Business 114/Hwy 26 and go north. At the light, turn right to stay on Hwy 26. At next light, turn left on Fairway. Go across dam, then make first right, then immediately turn right again. Park beside road just before gate and walk up the dam.

Notes: Fairly good slope, but some trees obstruct portions of upwind area, and there is a busy road across the top of the dam. Not as tall as Benbrook or Ray Roberts dams.

Hwy 121 Trash Mound: Slopes face N, E, W.

Directions: Mapsco 65G. On Hwy 121 between downtown Fort Worth and DFW Airport. Take Minnis Exit, go south 1/2 block and park in the tiny lot on the left just past the railroad tracks. There will be a chain link fence in front of you, but it dead ends just to the left, so just walk around it, then up the slope.

Notes: Old landfill, now covered in grass, but officially still off-limits due to methane emission detecting equipment. If you go there, stay away from any equipment. Should be no methane problem since you will be on the upwind end of the mound with a breeze, and it is a long-closed landfill in a residential area. You might get run off, but it is unlikely anyone would do more than ask you to leave if they noticed you there. I have flown there once in a N wind, and found the lift to be only moderate and also there was lots of turbulence. Worked best towards the west end of the north-facing slope. In lighter winds this might work well for a lighter glider – I flew my foamie sloper in 15 mph wind.

I-35W and Park Glen Blvd: Slope faces N, S.

Directions: Mapsco 14U. From north loop 820 go north to third exit, which is Park Glen. Turn left, go across bridge, then park beside road. Slope is on either side of Park Glen just west of I-35W.

Notes: Small slope. Several guys have had good success with north wind, some success with S or SSW wind. Lousy with SSE wind due to upwind obstructions ruining lift. In some conditions it is very turbulent with S wind. Biggest advantage of this location is that is closer to where some of us live.

I-820 (west side of FW) and White Settlement Rd: Slope faces N. (May also be a W. facing slope across freeway??)

Directions: Mapsco 59W. From I-30 go north on loop 820 (west side of Fort Worth) to White Settlement Rd exit, which is just a short distance north of I-30. Turn left, then left again, so that you are going back south on the access road. Turn into the Catholic Access Center. The slope is just south of the parking lot. You can park there or jump the curb from the access road and drive to the top of the slope.

Notes: Small slope, not steep. I’m told it works great with HLGs, but there probably is not enough lift for foamie slope planes, though we haven’t tried them there yet.

I-30 and Oakland Blvd – Bluff Above Trash Mound: Slopes face N, NE, NW.

Directions: Mapsco 64Z. From I-35W in Fort Worth, take I-30 east about 3 miles, exit at Oakland Blvd. Park behind the Waffle House on the NW corner of the intersection (back near the dumpster). Walk to Oakland, walk 1/2 block north along Oakland (just past the break in the curb and the locked gate to where there is no fence along Oakland), then walk 1/2 block NW across field to edge of slope.

Notes: This is a bluff above and overlooking an old landfill (large flat and grassy area), and is taller than the landfill mound itself. I’ve flown it once so far and it was a fairly good slope. If you ever land or crash down the slope, it is steep enough you have to be careful going up and down it, but it is not too far. If you are not able to negotiate a steep slope, go with someone who can. Not sure, whether the lot just above the bluff is public or private property, but I can’t imagine anyone objecting to your standing on this vacant field. It is not posted “No Trespassing” on the lot you are standing on — just on the fenced road down to the landfill.

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  1. Tried Inspiration Point yesterday (7/4/10) with my Alula and found that it had really become seriously overgrown with trees and bushes since I flew there a lot in the 1970s and 1980s.Not much fun any more.

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