South Carolina Slope at Pinopolis Dam


South Carolina Slope Flying Sites

Pinopolis Dam, SC

Pinopolis Dam is located about 4 miles north of Moncks Corner, SC. This dam site has a 60-70 foot face that faces southeast. The spot in the pictures is on the north side of the river next to the Jeffries Hydro plant.

Winds from south to east should work well here with southeast best. If the wind is out of the northwest, as it was on the day I found this site, the front side is usable although it is only 15 feet or so to the water. I used an SH-50 and was able to make a few passes before landing. A handlaunch plane would have been perfect, but my Xterminator’s battery was not charged


Take 52 north from Monks Corner about 4 miles to Powerhouse Rd. At the end of powerhouse Rd. you will see the dam. I checked with the guard at the Hydro plant gate and he said walking up is no problem, just do not drive.

These are locations we have had the privilege to fly. Some may have access restrictions.
Check with local flyers for information.

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