Cape Cod Sloping June 23rd to 27th

We arrived at the Seascape Motel on Monday evening after an 8-hour drive from Philly. I checked in, unloaded the family and the car and stepped out the ocean side door to behold a beautiful sight. The 80-foot (give or take a few feet) slope about 20 steps from my door. There was a light SW breeze coming in and a lazy 30-minute flight with the Cyberdyne DLG was just what the doctor ordered after the drive to get here. The poly Cyberdyne makes a good sloper in light air.

Tuesday started out with a very light wind so the family and I went on a whale-watching trip on the Portuguese Princess. We saw a couple of whales and my daughter, Sydney, loved it! One of the whales was a Finback and was about 60 foot long. It made several passes close to the boat. We also spent some time sluffing around Provincetown.

I got in another bit of flying at the motel in the evening.

Wednesday not much in the way of wind today. I used some of the morning to work on my new Weasel. I was looking forward to another plane that can fly in light conditions and the build was going well until I noticed that I forgot the elevons! I did a web search for hobby shops on the cape but did not find anything promising. If anybody knows of one, I’d like to hear about it so next time I am in the area.

Later, we went exploring the towns south on the cape like Eastham, Chatham, Harwich and Dennis. I was kind of on the hunt for a hobby shop but did not really expect to find one.

Wednesday night, after a good dinner at Montano’s in Truro, I went back to Ptown to get some work done at the Cyber Cove. They have high-speed wireless access 24/7. Too cool.

Thursday was a fairly warm day with the temp in the mid-80s. We went to the beach on the ocean side near Truro. I tossed the Cyberdyne from the beach and base flew the bluffs for a bit but the wind was really the wrong direction and I gave it up after about 30 minutes.

We got back to the Motel and the wind had shifted and was the right direction but light. The Cyberdyne got the call again since it is the only real light air plane I brought. A couple of good flights and the requisite “sunset shot” happened today.

Sunset at the Seascape Motel, North Truro

Friday Naturally, the day we had to leave turned out to have the best winds. At 8AM it was coming in just slightly left at about 7 or 8 so I figured I’d wait a bit since we didn’t have to leave until noon. About 9 AM the wind had increased to 10-12 and the venerable SH-50 got the call. The wind was still a bit south but the lift was good and reasonably smooth. I had about a 30 minute flight with the SH and then decided to give the Combat Wings XL a go. It flew well and I played around with it for about 30 minutes as well. By the end of the XL flight the wind had shifted a bit more south and I decided to call it quits and pack the van for the trip to Maine.

Overall I had a good time even if the wind was light. Good thing I brought a capable plane! There were several families at the motel with children similar in age to my daughter and she had a fun time as well. My wife finished two books and really enjoyed the exploring of the Cape.

One of the families staying at the motel had a daughter, Alicia, 11 years old. She was very interested in the flying and asked a lot of questions about the planes. I showed her several and had planned to let her give it a try with the XL if the wind cooperated, unfortunately I did not see her on the last day when the wind was OK. Sorry, Alicia, I hope you get to try flying soon. It is a really great hobby!

Thanks to Dave Garwood for the Seascape Motel recommendation. If you like slope flying and want to be close to the bluff this is a super place to stay. It is also reasonably priced. We got to the place just before the on season rates went into effect so it was a relative bargain. Also, thanks to the guys at CRRC for the nice descriptions of flyable (and accessible!) slopes on the Outer Cape.

BTW, Dave Garwood and the New York Slope Dogs were here the previous week and had some very good winds. I guess they used up most of the good wind and left the relaxing stuff for me!

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