Iowa Slope Flying

These are locations we have had the privilege to fly. Some may have access restrictions. Check with local flyers for information.

Iowa Slope Flying Sites

The Levees – Clinton, IA – along the bank of the Mighty Missip is an earthen levee that works for smaller planes.

The Dam at Saylorville Lake – Nice Earthen dam near Des Moines. A slightly NE wind seems to work best.

There are some other sites that are available at certain times.
Contact the Eastern Iowa Soaring Society (EISS) for info if you are going to be in the area.

3 thoughts on “Iowa Slope Flying

  1. So, when I went to the Saylorville Dam, it took all of 1 single flight to have the park ranger asking me to leave? Did I miss something?

    I really want to go back, but won’t do so if I know that I’m going to immediately get kicked out.

    Any tips? I really want to go back!!!

  2. We have a ”killer” Sope site in Cedar Rapids.
    It’s the 900ft Mt. Trashmore.
    Have been flying up there for going on 8 years now,, & it’s absolutely steller when winds are from the N -NW.
    My longest flight so far,, is 1hr. 2min.,, with a 2m DG-1000.

    Just can’t go up there anytime though,, as we have to schedule events with the City first.
    We usually fly in the Spring, early Summer,, & fall.

    Actually have had Flyers show up far away as Chicago in the past.


  3. Last post wouldn’t let me edit the stupid auto correct ,,, & was not putting in all my letters either.

    N – NW winds are not the optimum drections,, N – NE are.
    Would be really nice also if I could post pics.,, & also edit.

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