Sloping in Idaho with Mike

These are locations we have had the privilege to fly. Some may have access restrictions.
Check with local flyers for information.

Idaho Slope Flying Sites

A special thanks to Mike for his descriptions on this site.

The land-owner of this site has developed the only suitable landing area which makes it suitable for foamie only, or planes which might tolerate rough landing. For the most part this wonderful site lost.

I fly slope almost exclusively as there is a very good one just 15 minutes from my home which is 20 miles west of Boise. I would be happy to direct you and others to the local slope. As I often fly alone there, the company would be appreciated.

“Freeze-Out Hill” is approximately 25 miles NW of Boise on the road to Emmett, ID.

Directions from Boise:
Take Hwy 44 (State Street) west from Boise, through Eagle and toward Star. Turn North on Hwy 16 (Emmett Hwy) at the intersection about 6 miles west of Eagle. Drive approximately 12 miles north (past Firebird Raceway on left) to a cross road with sign to “Pearl”. (If you start down the ravine into the Emmett Valley then you’ve gone to far.) Turn Left onto what is “Old Freeze Out Road”. About 100 yards up the road is a dirt trail which Y’s off to the right. Take this rough trail up the hill to the top (~ 0.3 mile). A regular car will make it easily with care. Continue on to the north and down to the right to a flat area facing NW (~0.2 mile). Park near the bigger sage brush on the shallow down slope to the right (this is the “landing” area so stay near the brush). The slope consists of a north bowl and a south bowl with a small central ridge. West to NW winds are best. Conditions worsen as winds get more northerly but may be flyable. (Note: conditions at the slope are not always the same as those in the Boise Valley.) Launch off the flat area over the central ridge. In a stronger wind (15-20+ mph) this is a great to awesome place to fly. In light winds conditions are difficult to predict and we often fly HLG and floaters. Please note this is private land and the area should be treated with respect. Take all your trash out and kindly pick up after others not as thoughtful.

Access from I-84:
From the West, take the Middleton Exit (Hwy 44) before getting to Caldwell, ID, and go about 12 miles through Middleton and Star to Hwy 16. Turn north and follow directions above.
From the East, take Eagle Exit (Hwy 55) and go north about 10 miles to Eagle. Turn left/West on Hwy 44 and follow directions above.

There are surely lots of great slopes in Idaho waiting to be told or discovered. There are a couple of others I know of locally and would be glad to give you directions to, but they are much less convenient to me, or less predictable, and I think Freeze Out is better. When we get the less common S/SE winds there is a great place over looking the Snake River valley near Melba, ID. It is about a 40 minute drive from my house and almost directly South. Directions a little more difficult as the turn off is not marked and is a farm road.

Please contact me if you are coming through the area. Would enjoy meeting and flying with you.

email Mike

South Bowl

Squaw Butte


3 thoughts on “Sloping in Idaho with Mike

  1. im moving to boise this year i would love to slope soar with you
    ive done alot of slope soaring in calif im familer with emmet visted it last time i was in idaho

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