Slopes in the Clearmont, Florida Area

Greg from Florida sent in several slopes in and around the Clearmont area. Nice to know that there is sloping going on in Florida!

1 – There is a slope behind the Bob Evans restaurant on SR 27 off of Johns Lake Rd 2 minutes south of were SR 50 & SR 27 cross which is good for a south wind only. It is approx. 250 ft wide by 30 ft high and a good 45% angle all short grass with a large plateau to land on behind the top, But there are power lines at each end followed by two busy roads, Accurate flying is a must.

2 – Next is the Dirt pile off of SR 50 one mile east of SR 27 & SR 50 crossing on Citrus Tower Rd & Hooks Rd. It has been fenced in w/ Barbwire recently but it is accessible, approx 300 ft wide and 30 ft high w/ a 60% angle, this was great for Combat wings. Then there is a larger area below this for a south & S/S/west wind of another 30 ft high by 1,000 ft wide at a lower angle of maybe 30%. Plenty of area to thermal out over the valley floor. Blowing sand is the issue here.

3 – Next: The National Training Center area just east of the Hospital off of Citrus Tower Rd has a large dia. Bowl that I have flown. Go ½ mile north on Citrus tower vRd. & SR 50 to the entrance of the Hospital, go thru two stop signs and follow signs for the N.T.C. just around the corner. There is a parking lot at the top of the slope area less than 50 ft from the slope. This is over 50 ft above the track area at approx. 30% angle for an east wind it is about 250 ft wide and it bends around for a  North(slightly east wind) and a width of maybe a thousand feet before the power lines. Good plateau area at the top to land.

4 – Next: A three angle bowl off of I-4 on SR 27 one mile North behind the Golden Corral restaurant 15 minutes south of the Disney world area. This is not very high but it works for a South, West & North wind about 15 ft high w/ 30% angle. The South wind slope is about 100 yards wide, I have flown this, the West wind slope is about 200 yards wide, but w/ a fence at the top which is full of houses backyards!, the North wind slope is approx. 200 ft wide.

5 –  There is a slope off of 50 in Clearmont, go north on 27 for approx. 5 minutes pass 561/ Qual valley one more mile to the next light which is Critus grove rd go east and you can see the hill the road turns 90 degrees to the right and at the next 9%, turn onto the dirt road and park, that’s it. The house nearest this slope is the friendly couple who are taking care of the property. The slope should be good for a west wind and slightly South/ southwest wind. It is large; 500 ft wide by 500 ft deep and maybe 75 ft high – But it is almost too shallow 20 to 30% angle. It is good for thermalling w/ all that area exposed. It is located off of SR 27- 5 minutes North of SR 50 take Citrus hill Rd East which is the light one mile past SR 561 crossing SR 27 for one mile. At the top it turns 90% sharp to the right then at the next 90% turn yield right onto the dirt road then just follow the fence down about 1/3rd of the way and park, it starts to get steeper there. This land is protected and safe, the closest house is a nice couple that take care of this property and they don’t mind us here at all.

6 – One more: The Pond; I have not flown here yet but it looks good due to being approx. 500 ft plus wide w/ a 30% slope around 30 ft high for an east wind. Located just below Walmart @ the intersection of Johns Lake Rd. and Citrus Tower Rd. of off SR 27 just around the corner from the sight @ Bob Evans. Small spot to park at the intersection 50 ft from the ridge, not much to land on at the top but you could pancake into the slope. There is a large pond the ridge overlooks, but there is plenty of landing area at the bottom.

Phots Mirko took while flying in the area:

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